The baby gear addict series – White Noise

White noise, what’s all that about? My sanity that’s what. Let me explain…

When Noah was a screaming ball of newborn human and resisted sleep at all costs loads of parents would ask me if I’d tried sitting next to the washing machine with him or carrying him about whilst I did the hoovering.  Firstly I had to ask myself if these people even knew me?!?  I wasn’t exactly Miss super house proud prior to giving birth so I was hardly springing out of bed to mop the floors after being up all night.   Of course they explained that this wasn’t a cleaning intervention but that white noise seems to have a calming effect on babies.  I hadn’t heard of this and I was skeptical, I was wrong.  Noah responded amazingly to white noise, it was like flicking a chill out switch in his brain.  It was almost immediate and worked 80% of the time, Hallelujah!

So the sound is supposed to bring about similar feelings to being back in the womb, safe and comfortable, relaxed.  It certainly did that for him and in turn for us!  Clearly I couldn’t keep running the hairdryer non stop so I bought an app called Sound Sleeper, there are a number of apps to choose from but this was the first I came across.  It honestly saved our sanity daily and is hands down the best baby related product I’ve bought to date.


I now know that parents have been using white noise for many, many years so it’s nothing new but I had no clue about it as a brand new parent.   Now that Noah is older we don’t use the app anymore as he rarely has the same type of uncontrollable crying fits that aren’t due to something such as needing food, illness or just not having had a tantrum for at least half an hour.  Having said that we have put a fan in his room since the weather has been much warmer which has no doubt helped him to sleep better, but he has also been sleeping longer and waking up more gradually rather than the usual eyes open, instant shouting routine.  I do think that the rhythmic sound relaxes him, that type of sound / music is used in meditation methods so it should be no surprise really.

I can’t recommend this app enough, there are a number of different sounds to choose from, the trusty hairdryer, the car, rainfall, waves, the list goes on.  So for any parents to be or new parents out there with a grumpy little one I’d definitely recommend giving this a shot, for the price of a coffee it’s well worth it.


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