So, today is Time to Talk day, a day about raising awareness around mental health and actually, making the point that every day should be a Time to Talk day.

The focus of #timetotalk is ending the misconceptions around mental health.  These misconceptions include the views that being affected by a mental health problem is unusual, that it is embarrassing, that it’s a weakness and that if it’s a mental health problem then it’s not a “real illness”.  These views are outdated and unhelpful.  Physical or mental, a health problem is a health problem, one is no more or less real or important than the other.

Having received support for mental health issues on and off for the past 12 years I believe that attitudes are changing, things are improving but there is still a very long way to go.  Why does it still feel like the pain suffered from a broken bone is more real or valid than the pain caused from dealing with stress, anxiety or depression?  Are we really stuck with the view that if we can’t physically see it with our own eyes it doesn’t exist? Must I have a bandage to show or a photograph from a medical journal to validate my illness?

It’s time that attitudes changed for good so we can support each other and end the stigma.  It’s time for education and it’s time for understanding.

Find out more about #timetotalk here.


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