An average life?

Sat feeding Noah his lunch a few weeks ago a song came on the radio with the lyrics “are you satisfied with an average life”.  It just got me thinking, for most of us, for the majority of our lives we are sold the line that ordinary and average isn’t enough and that we should always be striving for extraordinary.

It made me think about my life, is it average or is it extraordinary?  On the face of it I think that most people would say that I have an average, “normal”, happy life but I doubt that anyone would describe it as extraordinary.  Every day is reasonably similar, my job doesn’t involve saving lives or brokering world peace cos those are extraordinary things right? Making it to tea time without any major disasters and our family of 3 in one piece is all I aim for most days.  But it’s all relative right?


To me, my life is extraordinary, we are raising a person, a real life person that will learn from us and in turn will teach others throughout his life and he may even raise a tiny human himself one day.  Yes, I know, millions of people do it everyday, becoming a parent is fairly common, but no matter how common it is it will always feel extraordinary to me.  My mind will never cease to blown every time someone refers to me as a mother, it makes me feel very lucky every single day.  That’s not to say that having kids is the be all and end all by any means, it just happens to be that my extraordinary right now, at this point in my life, is my son.

To the rest of the world it might appear that I’m satisfied with an average life, but I know that my average life is nothing short of extraordinary.



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