Teething, you suck!

You want to know my top teething tips? Hide…drugs and hiding.  I’ll let you decide who the drugs are for.

Noah’s first 2 teeth came in June and I had clearly blanked that period from my memory already.  He is now gum deep in cutting number 3 and I’m about ready to buy shares in Tanqueray.  Teething in our house truly is the pits, my poor baby is in pain and nothing I seem to do makes it any better for him.  Up all night and grumpy all day, this tooth growing business has a lot to answer for.  Our current teething arsenal looks like this…
  • Nurofen
  • Calpol
  • Anbesol
  • Nelsons Teetha teething powders
  • Ashton & Parsons teething powders
  • Boots teething powders
  • Nelsons teething gel (lost to the black hole of the changing bag)
  • Bickie pegs (another black hole victim)
  • Cloth Sophie
  • Squeaky Sophie
  • Cardboard Sophie
  • Bathtime Sophie
  • Weird alien Sophie
  • Mam bite and relax teether
  • Various teething rings
  • Water filled fridgey teether
  • Tommy Tippee teething dummy do dah thingy (used with teething gel)
  • A spoon
  • Mummy’s finger, Daddy’s finger, anyones finger
  • Can you tell how desperate we are to find something that works?  We’ve tried all sorts, a combination of the above occasionally takes the edge off. My top 3 would probably be Nurofen, Teetha teething powders & a hoof or 2 of trusty old squeaky Sophie.  The harsh reality though is that it’s mainly been about battening down the hatches and riding out the storm.
    Teething, you suck!
    Do you have any top teething tips?x

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