The 2nd trimester aka the middle bit

Our parents were super happy when we shared the news, it was so exciting to finally tell them after what seemed like such a huge wait to share our little secret.  They were moments that I will never forget.  So the grandparents were told, now to the business of telling everyone else our news… who knew this could be such a complicated business?!  Who to tell first and how?  How to make sure people found out from us and not through someone else?  Through a mixture of calls, texts and eventually the obligatory facebook announcement we managed to let everyone know.  The reactions were lovely and really helped me to become excited again after all the worry and stress of the previous weeks.

I started aquanatal classes at 14 weeks and can’t recommend them enough.  The exercises are gentle but enough to feel that you have worked your muscles the next day.  There are women there at all stages in their pregnancies, from very little bumps to ladies in their expected week of delivery!  Aside from the great exercise aspect the social side of this has been great also. This was the first time I’d really had the opportunity to spend time around a group of people going through the same experience.  It’s been a great source of info, many of the ladies already have little ones and have been more than happy to answer some of my daft first time mum questions.  The classes I’m going to are run by a company called Puddleducks.  The classes are available all over the country and they also run classes for children from birth to around 10 years I think, I will definitely be taking little one along as soon as possible!
Puddle Ducks website here
This was the only aquanatal provider I could find in my area that run classes in the evenings. One of the things I’ve found really frustrating about a lot of the antenatal exercise classes / social meets is that they are nearly always run during working hours, why is this?!

Our little bump started as a bit of a pooch at 12 – 13 weeks but quickly turned into a round, tight little beach ball around 15-16 weeks and feels like it’s doubled in size every minute since!
 I quickly started to run out of clothes that would fit so lived in dresses for a couple of weeks until I got hold of some maternity Jeans.  Note – maternity jeans shopping is not easy and not fun.  Under the bump, over the bump, bigger size to last or smaller size to reduce the need for constant yanking up, its an elastic filled minefield! I’ve been really surprised at the lack of maternity clothes on the high street, 2 pairs of trousers and 3 t-shirts does not a “maternity section” make!  Separate post on what I’ve been wearing soon.

20 week scan
Was amazing!  Once again I got the fear a week or so beforehand, constantly thinking of all the possible things that could be wrong, would baby be developing properly? would all the bits be in the right place? would all the bits be there?  However, along with the fear was the excitement of hopefully finding out who was in there, would it be a little Miss or little Mr?  We had decided very early on that we wanted to find out if we could, we were just too impatient to wait.  I figured it was a surprise whether it be a surprise at 20 weeks or at 40.  So the day came, once again I felt huge relief to see little one on the screen with a lovely heartbeat.  It was totally amazing the amount of detail that we could see, the sonographer talked us through everything she was looking at, all the bones, the organs, the parts of the heart… everything was as it should be, I could not have been happier at that moment.
She then put us out of suspense…

I had thought from day 1 that it was a little boy in there but even so as soon as she confirmed it I was pretty overwhelmed.  As soon as we got out of the room I was in tears, I was so happy that he was doing so well and to be able to say that we have a son!  Of course I immediately wanted to rush out and buy every pair of cute little dungarees in sight but I controlled myself, well, in as much as I have managed to pace myself and buy every pair of cute little dungarees in sight over the space of the last couple of months instead.  The pictures we got from this scan were incredible and so detailed, he looks like such a proper little person now, I can still hardly believe that he’s in there!

I’d been told that as I have an anterior placenta that it was likely that I would not feel much movement until 20 – 25 weeks.  As a first timer it’s difficult to know what to expect and how to determine what’s baby movement and what’s just other rumblings going on in there.  I can only describe what I think were the first movements as bubbly type feelings at around 21 weeks.  They soon turned into much more definite movements and kicks and even make me jump sometimes now.  At around 23 weeks we started being able to see movement from the outside, yep it freaked me out but was magic at the same time.  I love that I can feel him wriggling about so much now, apart from when he decides that 11pm is a good time to get his dancing shoes on.  I already know that I will miss this the most about being pregnant, it’s such an wonderful, crazy feeling.

Blooming? Blooming painful!
Oh yes, the not so good bits.  Just when I’d been told that the second trimester was the “honeymoon period” when I would feel fantastic, there would be glowing skin and thick shiny hair …..oh really?!
I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in my hair and skin however there are a couple of things that are new.  Since around 15 weeks I have had back pain.  Let me just say that there are many times in the past I’ve complained that my back hurts and that I’ve got terrible backache… I had no idea what back pain truly was.  I knew I shouldn’t have been so smug about avoiding morning sickness because this is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. No position is comfortable for longer than around 5 minutes anymore and many days I’ve ended up in tears, it is constant, god only knows how I’m going to deal with labour!
Sitting on a birthing ball to correct my posture does give some relief for short periods but I’ve yet to find anything that gives any real relief for any decent amount of time.  I was sent some Deep Freeze packs as part of mumsnet panel trial and they have worked quite well but again the relief is quite short lived. The pain often wakes me up in the night so along with the 20,000 trips to the bathroom I’m not getting much sleep. Maybe this is just my body’s way of easing me into the months of sleepless nights ahead! This back pain is something that I absolutely will not miss and am dreading getting worse in the third trimester.  The second trimester has also brought quite a few outbursts of tears for no apparent reason. I haven’t felt sad at all I’ve just had an uncontrollable urge to have a bit of a cry.  It hasn’t just been pain for me in this part of the pregnancy either, poor Mr Me is now suffering.  Along with my almost constant complaining about the aches and pains I have recently started snoring.. A LOT!  So when I finally do get to sleep I not only wake myself up but Mr me too with my various heavy breathing and snorting sounds, beautiful!  So he has been suffering from lack of sleep too.

I do feel very guilty but I don’t know what I can do to stop it, it annoys me when I wake myself up snorting like a pig so goodness knows what it is like for him!
So it’s not all roses and I didn’t expect it to be  however I think I can speak on behalf of the both of us when I say that we would take it all a million times over for our little fella.

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