She’s here!

My daughter is 3 weeks old.  It still feels so strange to be saying those words, my daughter, my little girl.  Mara came barreling into our lives on the 1st June and it already feels strange to think there was a time when she wasn’t here.


The whole experience of birth and the first few weeks has been very different this time, much more relaxed and calm.  I think this is due to a mixture of us being a bit more laid back on the second visit to parenthood and also that the birth was not traumatic this time.  I am enjoying this time, I am enjoying my newborn and I am far less anxious than I was first time around.  It is hard, hard work looking after 2 small children but we are all surviving and managing to have fun too!

My son has taken to being a big brother amazingly so far.  He loves his little sister and she is never short of cuddles and kisses from him.  He loves to help out with her and is quick to grab the nappies and wipes and to lie down next to her to keep her company when its bum changing time.  Don’t get me wrong there have been a few moments when his frustration has shown.  He’s having to learn that I can’t always immediately help him with something when I’m feeding etc but on the whole he is dealing with this massive life change remarkably well so far.

brother and sister

As for me and dealing with a new family member, well, as soon as I found out I was pregnant I started to worry about how I could ever love another child as much as I love my son.  It’s such an all consuming love that I couldn’t imagine it being quite the same a second time.  When the moment came and she was put on my chest the love multiplied.  I felt everything I felt for my son all over again for this brand new little person.

My transition to becoming a mum of 2 has been hugely helped by the support of lovely family and friends.  Although many of them live far away the lifelines of our WhatsApp conversations and phone calls mean the world.  You know you struck it lucky on the friendship front when they come around, disappear into your kitchen and cook you and your son a lovely lunch so you can just sit and enjoy your newborn (whilst also taking care of her own 2 small children!).

So my house is once again littered with muslins, blankets and teeny tiny baby clothes and I couldn’t be more grateful for it.  Even in those beyond tired moments at 4am when I could just cry from exhaustion I know how very lucky we are to have our little family.

Welcome to the world Mara, it’s all out there for you darling.

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