Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week this week, something we feel very strongly about, for all parents, not just mothers.  Perinatal mental health issues affect around 10% of new mothers and research from the NCT found that more than 1 in 3 new fathers (38%) are also concerned about their own mental health.

parent and child

 This week the hashtag #maternalmhmatters will be used to raise awareness and to signpost to sources of support throughout the UK, both on and offline. There are a great number of organisations working hard to smash the stigma and bring forward increasing support for those suffering from perinatal mental issues and their families, such as:

The Perinatal Mental Health Partnership

The Perinatal Mental Health Network

The Maternal Mental Health Network

Maternal Mental Health Alliance

Everyone’s Business

PND and Me

PND and Me run a weekly tweetchat using the hashtag #PNDHour, this takes place every Wednesday between 8–9pm. You can find founder Rosey’s profile here. The chat is often joined by maternal mental health champions such as Eve Canavan and Dr Carrie Ladd to offer their experience, support and guidance. During maternal mental health week #pndhour will run every evening at 8pm. Outside of the tweetchat the hashtag #pndchat can be used to connect with others.

Bringing these issues out into the open really is so important is increasing the support available and reducing the suffering of so many families. Don’t suffer in silence, mental health matters.


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