The second, second trimester.

It’s all going so fast! Here I am already at the end of the second trimester with baby number two, I can still hardly believe we are about to become a family of four and that the adults will no longer outnumber the kids.

So far this pregnancy has been pretty similar to my first, I’ve been very lucky to dodge any major sickness and it’s been backache and tiredness that’s floored me instead.  I’ll take that though.  When I see how much some ladies struggle with sickness I feel very lucky.

Bump is already planetary so I’m in for lots of huffing and puffing and asking Mr Me to help me get my socks on soon I think.  Sadly my 2 year old hasn’t quite mastered putting his own on yet so I can’t rope him in.

baby bump

There haven’t been the mad shopping trips of first time around as we pretty much already have everything that we need which has been a blessing as shopping with a 2 year old… not so much fun.

The main differences between this pregnancy and the last?

I have a toddler… this makes life very, very different, there are less chances for a sneaky nap for starters.  I am used to feeling generally knackered these days but this is a next level of exhausted, which is set to continue I’ve no doubt.  Telling our boy that he is a big brother is amazing but very strange at the same time, how can it be that my little baby is going to be the biggest?!  It’s lovely that he talks about baby, even if he has decided that we must name it Bogatine, don’t ask!  He also appears to think that there are 3 babies, one in my tummy and one in each of my boobs… says a lot for my figure right now.

baby bump

Lets get to the good stuff.. the scan.  It was amazing as it was with my boy.  The relief to know that everything is well and to see a little real life human in there.. it still blows my mind.  So…..did we find out?  Hell yeah we did!  We were too impatient to wait for a surprise and were both desperate to find out.  I can still barely believe it but… we have a daughter 🙂  I can’t imagine what life will be like with a little girl in the house but I’m excited to no longer be outnumbered.  I have to say I never saw myself with a girl but now that I know I’m thrilled, as I would’ve been had it been another boy.  My boy is very loving towards my friends 5 month old daughter so I’m hoping he will take to his little sister in the same way.  Clearly it will be a very different situation when she’s taking up mummy and daddy’s time and grabbing all of his toys 24/7 but he’s generally a very caring kid so I’m hoping the jealousy won’t be too bad… but who knows, you never can predict anything where kids are concerned right.

This pregnancy has flown by so far and I kind of wish it would slow down as I know that it’s very likely to be the last time I have this experience.  I’m trying to make the most of it and savour every kick and wriggle before baby girl bombs her way into the world to meet her family.


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