Review – Griddle and Shake Nottingham

We were very kindly invited to review burger restaurant Griddle and Shake in Nottingham this month.  Always on the lookout for places to add to our “toddler proof eateries” list we were more than happy to check it out.

On arrival the first thing that struck me was the space, as a parent this is key.  With a pushchair and shopping bags in tow you’d be surprised just how many places are off limits due to just not having room for us and our stuff.  The decor is relaxed and comfortable with different seating options, traditional tables, benches, hut style booths and comfy chairs to relax in with a drink.


So, Griddle and Shake has a very different set up to a lot of restaurants I’ve visited in that you build your meal yourself, a little bit like a burger Subway.  I choose my bun (brioche), my burger meat (beef) and then had the tricky task of selecting which toppings to go for (the menu offers vegetarian, vegan, gluten free & dairy free options).  All the more tricky as the set price includes as many toppings as you like, the temptation to go for a man vs food style tower burger was strong.  Being 6 months pregnant heartburn saw me coming at 60 paces so I settled on a selection of tomato, rocket, onions and jalapeno, the peanut butter did look good though.  Side orders and drink chosen and it was time to sit down and wait for the food to arrive.  I say wait, there was barely 5 minutes between getting settled in and our food arriving. Once again, as a parent this is a massive plus.  When the kid is on the edge, demanding food like a rabid beast and about to go stratospheric speed is key.


The food was great, the burger was tasty and the fries were as they should be and not seasoned to death before arriving at the table.  My pink lemonade was bang on and something that I don’t often see offered on menus elsewhere.  Griddle and Shake also offer a “create your own” shake.  As with the burgers any number of flavours can be added for a set price, peanut butter and Oreo cookies anyone?  The shakes are also offered dairy free.  The drink menu also includes a range of craft beers which again is unusual of a burger restaurant like this and makes a nice change to have this option over the usual standard selection of beers.


Another plus point for us is that you pay for your meal up front so there is no waiting around for a bill and if the kids do start to loose the plot a speedy getaway is possible with minimal fuss.  The only downside we found with this restaurant was that there is no hand basin in the otherwise lovely baby change and parent room.  There are hand washing facilities in the accessible bathroom next door but unfortunately nowhere to safely place baby whilst using them.


Since becoming a parent I’ve felt the pressure to avoid fast food restaurants as it conjures the image of cheap, unhealthy food, this place certainly turns that around.  This is a burger meal that I feel happy for my little one to tuck into alongside the school approved (Government regulated) juices on offer.  It feels all the better giving custom to an independent business that uses Red Tractor meat, British farmed potatoes and food packaging which is fully compostable and biodegradable.  Where possible they use locally sourced fruit and veg, the company that made the restaurant furniture is local and they use a cleaning company who employ local people.  It doesn’t end with the profit margin at Griddle and Shake, they pride themselves on being a caring company to work for and a community champion.  They currently provide free food for training courses for single parents run by Premier Parents.

All in all this place gets a thumbs up from us and is firmly on the toddler friendly list!


You can find out more about Griddle and Shake here.

They are also currently running a crowdfunding campaign to purchase new cooking equipment,  provide further training and development for the team, develop products, improve the heating & air conditioning and to get the message of their values and commitment out there.  As part of the campaign they are providing some awesome rewards in return for pledges, further details here.

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