It’s the new year post…

Well, we made it people! We didn’t disappear under the mountain of cardboard or the hill of sweetie wrappers, we got through Christmas in one piece.
There were however 2 minor disasters in our household this year, the oven blew up on christmas eve and a leg fell off the dining table, I know right?! But, there’s nothing like a true first world problem to focus your mind at Christmas and make you truly grateful that those were the worst of our problems. This year seems to have been a particularly rough one for the global community as a whole so how upset were we really going to be about a turkey cooking battle and a wobbly table?

So, here we are in a new year, 2017, what the what?! Wasnt it just 2010 or something? I’m not generally a resolutions type of gal, in the past if I’ve said it out loud the anxiety to achieve it kicks in and it all goes t*ts up. But this is the year that things change and I hold myself accountable, that I give myself solid goals. I am taking real steps towards a new career alongside becoming a mother of 2, don’t say I don’t like a challenge! Both of these things terrify me equally but as much as I’m scared I’m excited too. I’m lucky to be getting the opportunity to do both of these things and so I’m damned if I’m not going to go for it.
So here goes nothing, bring it on 2017!

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