My Nametags – review

In order to distract myself from the reality of Noah starting nursery back in late January I filled most of early January with buying “essential” nursery items. This included a backpack that is as big as he is, a new sippy cup, several different coats, a second comforter, the list goes on. Surely I wouldn’t be the only crazy loon packing their precious little one off to nursery with a bag stuffed full of totally unnecessary bits and bobs? It dawned on me that nursery staff don’t have a chance of keeping track of what stuff belongs to which kid so it was time to get labelling. A number of my mama friends who had already entered nursery territory recommended a website called for indestructible labels for clothes, bags, cups, shoes, you name it.

You can fully customise your labels, colour, pattern, image, font, all that jazz. I had great fun making Noah’s and I’m sure older children would enjoy picking out their own colours and patterns or pictures.

My name tags stickers
I ordered a sheet of 56 stickers which cost £12.95 inc P&P (yes, stickers, no sewing, waa hoo!). These are not the cheapest labels I’ve seen but I do feel that they are great value for money as they do stand up to some punishment. The sticker on his cup has been through the dishwasher regularly and has no doubt been slobbered all over and chewed a bit too. The stickers on his clothes have been washed multiple times per week. None of the stickers have faded, come unstuck or started to peel in any way and I’m confident that they will last as long as we need them to.

I highly recommend these stickers, they are definitely my top buy for kids starting nursery… well alongside his bag, aint it so cool!?!

nursery bag


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