The teddy dilemma

Since having Noah I’ve had the perfect excuse for buying soft toys… ALL of the soft toys.  How do they make them so god damn cute that I can’t resist?  Yes, we already have 5 rabbits but we don’t have one in that shade of brown / that size / wearing a bow tie that I, ahem, Noah will absolutely love.

This kid gotta lotta soft toys and they all make fab tea party guests but Noah has recently decided that his favourite soft toy friend is this Bessie Bunny from Mothercare which I bought back when I was newly pregnant.


Now don’t get me wrong Bessie is very cute, she’s super soft and cuddly and has great ears for dragging purposes.  However, Bessie is also…. discontinued.  This my friends is bad news, very bad news.  Trust my child to finally decide that his little best friend should be the one toy we have that is now off the production line.  What’s the big deal, why does this matter?  Because this bunny is now essential to bedtime and has super powers when it comes to calming a meltdown.  This is gold dust, bunny shaped gold dust.  If we loose this talisman we are in deep shit.

My mum had the forethought to buy Noah a trio of identical soft toy giraffes when he was first born so that we had one for cuddling, one as backup for wash day and one for backup for potential misplacement calamities.  Obviously Noah has decided that he is all about exclusivity and has chosen Miss Bunny over his gang of giraffes.

As soon as it became apparent that Bessie was the chosen one I jumped online to grab a spare or two only to find that shock, horror, Bessie is a goner.  I have hunted high and low and not a Bessie to be found so I am now experiencing soft toy anxiety when we dare to leave the house with the damn thing.  Oh how the problems I face in life have changed!

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us people and let me know when someone invents a teddy tracking device so I can get one fitted immediately!



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