The Milk Lounge launch – a new breed of family friendly

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When I found out about The Milk Lounge and their plans last year I was instantly excited. This was exactly the kind of place that I wanted as a new mum in Nottingham but couldn’t find. Being a new mum is hard and getting out and about in the early days can be an anxiety filled stressathon! Having a place to escape to where I could feel comfortable, supported and not judged or segregated would have been a dream. Having a safe place to get out of the house without having the extra stresses of finding somewhere family friendly with enough room for us and our friends, where we wouldn’t have people staring at our very vocal newborns would have been amazing.The Milk Lounge

The cafe owner Charlotte gave birth to her son Bobby in March last year.  She quickly became frustrated at not being able to find a clean, comfortable, family focussed place in which to feed and change her baby so she decided to do something about it and came up with the idea for The Milk Lounge.  Using her own experience and gathering a wish list from fellow mums, dads, grandparents and carers Charlotte has packed a whole heap of fantastic facilities into one welcoming and relaxed space.  The cafe features include:

  • A feeding room with sockets for expressing mums, a fan, CD player with headphones, small toy corner to keep siblings entertained and it’s own en suite bathroom
  • Toddler activities throughout the cafe area
  • Lactation cookies and ‘hand foods’ so mums can have a bite to eat whilst feeding
  • A bottle warming station
  • A buggy park
  • A spaced themed sensory room
  • Breastfeeding Peer Supporters on hand, Lactation Expert Drop In’s and Tongue Tie Specialist Sessions
  • Activities for older children during school holidays
  • Baby led weaning banquets offering a range of tastes colours and textures
  • Most importantly a lovely team of friendly and helpful staff


I love the ethos of The Milk Lounge, one of inclusivity and support for all us parents, carers and families.  It really lifts my heart to finally find somewhere that gets it, that understands that we are all in this together regardless of our different parenting styles and choices and that caters for all that in one place. A place where we are welcome and that we can all enjoy together; bottle feeders, breastfeeders, baby led weaning kiddos and puree poppets, big kids, little kids, families of all shapes and sizes. I will soon be rounding up my fellow mombies for a visit with our little people.

I wish Charlotte and her team the very best of luck and would love to see The Milk Lounge love spread to many more towns and cities.


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