Bum’s the word

Never have I spoken about poo and bums as much as I have since becoming a mum.  I’ve had many conversations that I could never have imagined pre Noah, particularly in those early months.  Talk of stitches, leaky boobs and projectile vomiting has reduced somewhat over the past year but bum talk is usually still pretty high on the agenda.
We did pretty well in the beginning and Noah never really suffered much from nappy rash but he has had the odd flare up now and then over the past few months.  I’ve tried various lotions and potions and we’ve now narrowed our bum rash treating arsenal down to two products.

This seems to be a staple product in most parents nappy bags.  This is great for every day, preventative type use, generous amounts applied at every nappy change generally keeps his skin clear and as smooth as a .. oh wait.
I’ve also discovered that this stuff is good for more than just baby butts.  Both Noah and I suffer with eczema and chapped skin, he can get very red and flaky cheeks in the cold weather.  I  have been slapping a little sudocreme on his face before heading outside and it really helps to protect those red, angry areas.
Sudocreme is really affordable and comes in various handy packaging.  We now have several pots and squeezy tubes of sudocreme around the house and in nappy bags.  I’ve also supplied nursery with one of the monster tubs to make sure that his skin stays peachy and pain free.
Metanium nappy rash ointment is the fix it quick cream.  On the very odd occasion that he does have a bad flare up (usually due to me getting lazy with the sudocreme) this stuff is like a magic potion that clears it up in no time.  A little goes a long way and works almost immediately.  A word of warning, this stuff stains so you need to be a bit careful around any clothes you are very fond of!

So that’s how we make sure Noah has a comfy bottom and I would highly recommend trying both of these products to anyone battling with nappy rash problems.


*we were kindly sent a sample of Sudocreme to trial

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