The little things….

Maternity leave is over!
My maternity leave is well and truly over, there I said it, I have barely been able to utter the words as it makes me feel a bit sick.  As hard as this whole returning to work business is I have to focus on the positives of this next chapter.  It’s also got me looking back over the past year as whole, it’s been something else, something amazing, something tough and I wish I could relive it over and over… well maybe apart from that first shocker of a month 😉

We’re going through changes…
I have, without doubt, changed hugely as a person. My views on so many things have changed so much, my confidence has grown and my priorities are a world away from what they were a couple of years ago.  One of the major changes has been that I feel like I notice so much more now, things which I barely gave a second thought before.  I get excited for 5 extra minutes getting ready time so I can actually dry my hair instead of just leaving the house with a soggy pineapple do.  I spent the first 6 months of being a mum mastering the art of doing everything one handed and getting everywhere as quickly as possible to minimise the opportunity for major meltdowns, from Noah and me! Now that he’s older I walk more slowly and take everything in, I notice whats going around me much more I think.  I stop and notice the things that I haven’t for such a long time.


There are so many things that I take for granted that must seem amazing to Noah.  I’ve really enjoyed slowing down and pointing out and talking about the things that he’s never seen before in his little life.

Things like this have made me smile that little bit more than they would’ve before –


Theres nothing like a bit of #binspiration to cheer me up on the rapid descent into work again!

Life is good
So whilst life has been 100 miles an hour it’s also slowed down in other ways, does that even makes sense?  Juggling work, childcare and time with a full on toddler is manic but those moments when we have a few seconds of calm I really do stop and savour them now.
It’s been a crazy year, things are changing big style but I realise I’m so lucky to have had this time and actually life is pretty good right now.



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