Cherrybooboo bibs

Cherrybooboo is a small business run by a very lovely lady called Kristy.  She makes all of the items in her shop by hand including buggy straps, dummy ties and bibs.  We have had a number of bibs from Cherrybooboo and they are great.  Firstly, they look beautiful, they’re immaculately finished and she’s really thought about the shape and fit to ensure they not only look good but are super practical too.  The bibs have 2 poppers so that the sizing can be adjusted as required.

My little man is a total dribble monster and has soaked through almost every bib we have ever tried in no time.  Kristy has lined her bibs with fleece, this is a dream for us.  Noah can dribble away to his heart’s content and it does not soak through, no drenched t-shirt equals one less reason for him to complain, result!

For anyone that has a very dribbly teether or just loves beautiful, stylish bibs I can’t recommend these enough.  We’ve been through loads of different brands and struggled to find any that were not only dribble proof by that washed well and stood up to Noah’s constant ragging around. The quality of the fabric and the finish is spot on and for the price is an absolute bargain.bibs

Kristy and her husband have been trying for a baby for some time and are now taking the steps towards beginning IVF treatment to help them to meet their much wanted little one.  IVF is obviously a huge deal and doesn’t come cheap so Kristy has set up this business to raise funds for the treatment.  I for one am very happy to spend my money on a fabulous product made by a fabulous lady that is going towards helping a little bit of magic to happen.

Check out the Cherrybooboo shop here or contact via Twitter and Instagram @cherrybooboo15
See a YouTube review of Cherrybooboo bibs by Yammy Mackin here.
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