The 3rd trimester aka the end bit.. that’s really a beginning!

They should just call this the really, really long bit.  I thought the 2 week wait was bad, that the wait for the first scan was torture but the third trimester, wow, did that ever drag!  I expanded at a ridiculous rate from 6 months onwards and each week thought that I couldn’t possibly get any larger and each week of course I was wrong.
The final stages of pregnancy seemed to go on forever.  The many, many pieces of small person kit had been bought, the teeny tiny clothes washed, the nursery ready and waiting, and waiting and waiting.  I think the mixture of excitement and pure terror made those final 3 months feel like forever.
I finished work at 37 weeks, I was totally done in and had zero energy and looking back am glad I had the last little bit of time to myself before 2 became 3.
With a due date of the 27th November we put the Christmas tree up early as we knew there was no way we would do it if we waited until he arrived.  It was fun but very strange to realise that by the time we would take the tree down again there would be 3 people living in our house, our son would be here, we would be a family.


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