50 things that make me happy

In no particular order 

1. Giggles from my little man
2. Cold, sunny days
3. Cheese
4. More than 2 hours sleep in one go!
5. My little boys smiles when his daddy gets home from work
6. Getting into a bed with fresh sheets  
7. A clean house (no, it never happens)
8. New haircut hair
9. My family 
10. Ticking things off my to do list 
11. Wine 
12. My friends 
13. Bacon sarnies
14. Taking photos, hundreds and hundreds of photos! 
15. Hanging up my sons teeny tiny little clothes to dry
16. Netflix
17. Cosy jim jams
18. Hugs from my mum 
19. A hot bath
20. Coffee
21. Productive days
22. An empty washing basket
23. Pudding
24. Big pants! 
25. Bubble baths 
26. Acting like a child with Mr me 
27. The days when I can get my jeans on without having to do the caterpillar on the bed
28. Fairy lights
29. Bank holiday weekends
30. Having no one behind me at the Aldi checkout, so I don’t have to try and chuck everything in a bag at lightening speed
31. Christmas
32. A fully charged phone!
33. Crappy, mind numbing, garbage TV 
34. Under eye concealer
35. A duvet on the sofa
36. Wearing sandals
37. My mums truffles
38. The internet
39. A bargain
40. Being able to call someone my son
41. Being asked for ID
42. Sunglasses
43. Salt and vinegar crisps
44. White noise apps
45. Contact lenses
46. Online shopping
47. Cards from family and friends
48. Daffodils 
49. Baby socks
50. Did I mention wine?


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