He’s here!

 It’s been a while, between being super huge pregnant and having a newborn it’s been a hectic time, but finally he’s here, I’m a mum!  Our little is 14 weeks old already and it still seems very surreal. It’s only just sinking in that I’m a real life mum and I have a real life baby boy all of my own.

My labour and delivery was very difficult, the first few weeks were the hardest of my life but at the same time this is happiness like I’ve never felt before.  I don’t really want to write about the labour and delivery as it was quite the shocker and I’m still making my peace with it.
The first few weeks of his life went by in a bit of a panic stricken, stressful blur.  It’s so true that absolutely nothing can prepare you for parenthood.  Never before have I experienced feelings of pure happiness, absolute hopelessness, overwhelming love and total despair all in the space of a few hours!  I can’t imagine life without him now but those first few weeks, ouch, it really is harder than you can ever imagine!  Everyone kept on telling us “hang on in there, it will get better” and it did, and when it gets good it gets really really good.

Now that we are nearing 4 months we have gotten to know each other and his little personality is really shining through, he is such a little character already.  His first smiles and laughs have had me in uncontrollable happy tears, I still can’t quite believe that we made this perfect little person. He’s doing something new every day and is making me a better person every single day too.
We are ridiculously proud of our little fella and obviously he is the best baby that there ever was in the history of the world 😉  I swore I would never turn into that mum that just bangs on about her darling child 24/7 but I totally have and I don’t care! My house smells of poo, most of the time I feel just on the edge of sanity and I almost always have sick in my hair but what could possibly be better when I get to hang out with this guy every day?!




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