The Babymoon!

So many people had advised us to have a last holiday without baby and the truck full of gear which comes along with travelling with a little one!  Although I’m really looking forward to our first break away with our little fella it was great to get away and have some time alone where we could be totally selfish and do what we wanted when we wanted.

We spent a week in Devon at the end of August and although the weather wasn’t fantastic we had a great time.  Devon is so beautiful and it was easy to forget we were in the UK at times.  We stayed at the Imperial Hotel in Torquay which has the most amazing views! We had a huge room with the biggest bed I’ve ever slept in, perfect for a fidgety pregnant lady, I’m pretty sure Mr Me appreciated the extra room as well!

We started every day with an early morning swim followed by a huge cooked breakfast, followed by breakfast pudding aka mini Danish pastries…. it really is a mystery as to how I’ve put quite so much weight on during this pregnancy….
The hotel was lovely and the staff were all very helpful, there were plenty of people there with kids too so we may be paying a return visit one day with our little man.

There are so many things to see and do in Devon so we got out and about to all sorts of places every day. One of my favourite places that we visited was Blackpool Sands beach, it is so so beautiful and totally unspoilt.  It is a shingle beach so no sandcastle building but I think that’s why it’s remained so pretty and clean.  A lot of the sandy beaches we visited were much busier and were not as well kept.
We did end up doing a lot of walking, it was great exercise and although I was very tired at the end of each day it really did wonders for my aches and pains, far better than sitting at a desk all day.  Plus there were plenty of opportunities to break up the walking with cream teas!
There are amazing views around every corner in Devon so my camera got a real workout over the week.
It was lovely for us to spend time together although everywhere we went we would talk about how great it will be to come back with junior and do all the fun kids stuff with him.  We can’t wait to have the excuse to get stuck in to all the fab kids attractions that Devon has to offer.
I would really recommend taking some time out to get away to any new parents to be.  Even if it’s just one night away, it’s nice to spend time together and to be able to switch off from the to do list at home!


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